Club News

Lumsden Wet Sunday 13th April

Date: 11-Apr-2014
4th round of BAMCC Club Trials Championship this Sunday. Start time 11am prompt. Signed from Lumsden Rhynie road.

Scottish Championship Enduro

Date: 08-Apr-2014
Well no sooner do we get the championship trial out of the way than we have to turn our attention the the Scottish Championship enduro! The date for our round this year is Sunday 6th July and will be held at Lumsden. Our guys have been out already this year working hard to cut out some new challenging routes. More information and online entry at the end of May.

Fantastic news for off road riders

Date: 25-Mar-2014
Fantastic news for off road riders in the North East.
Buchan Off-road Motorcycle Club (BOMC) and Bon Accord (BAMCC) have joined forces to build a short enduro training loop around BOMC's MX track at Pennan. Only an hour’s drive from the centre of Aberdeen, the track at Pennan has full planning permission to operate seven days a week (Monday – Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm), 365 days a year this will give Bon Accord members a place to train, practice, develop new skills and techniques or just ride anytime they like. There will be an additional membership fee of £45 to cover BAMCC's contribution to BOMC.
The layout was done this past weekend and there will be a trail building day in April to get all the obstacles (logs, tyres, rocks etc.) in place. Given the short loop of about 2 km we are trying to pack it full of features to keep you on your toes. Think endurocross, enduro and MX in just about equal measures. The track will be altered as we ride along and learn.

For more info, membership or to volunteer for the trail building day contact Jeppe Nygaard or Bill McGregor
This is what it’s going to cost for the first year of operation if you want ride as soon as possible.
Months left on old membership Renewal month To pay now Comment
0 April 45 Incl. next membership period
1 May 45 Incl. next membership period
2 June 8 To cover time to renewal
3 July 11 To cover time to renewal
4 August 15 To cover time to renewal
5 September 19 To cover time to renewal
6 October 22 To cover time to renewal
7 November 26 To cover time to renewal
8 December 30 To cover time to renewal
9 January 34 To cover time to renewal
10 February 38 To cover time to renewal
11 March 42 To cover time to renewal
For example if you renewed your membership in October 2013 and you want to ride at Pennan as soon as the track is built it’s going to cost you £22 and then in October 2014 your membership will be £60 and will run until October 2015 as normal.

Scottish Championship Trial Round 1

Date: 06-Mar-2014
Regs and entries for round 1 of the Scottish Trials championship at Craiglash near Banchory on Sunday 6th April are now available on the Events page. You can enter online or download the entry form and post it back to us. Don't hang about as entries close on Monday 31st March and we will not be accepting late entries this year.

Prize Giving Ceremony

Date: 25-Feb-2014
Sunday the 30th of March is the chosen date for the club’s prize giving ceremony to be held at Satrosphere, Constitution Street, Aberdeen The fun kicks off at 1pm and should finish around 4pm. The afternoon will consist of a wee introduction followed by a chance to wander round the Satrosphere where little kids and big kids alike will find something to fascinate and amaze them before we end the day with a bite to eat and the prize giving ceremony.  
Satrosphere is Scotland’s first science centre. Using interactive, hands-on exhibits and live science shows we engage our visitors with science to help them discover more about the world and the science of how things work. A visit to Satrosphere will not only inspire the scientist within but will entertain the whole family. If you want to know more visit their website at
To get the numbers right we need you to let us know in advance if you want to come along and how many people you are bringing. Wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and kids are all welcome. We had a great day out at Codonas last year and this year should be even better. E-mail your name and how many in your party to before March 24th please.
For anyone who hasn’t been before Satrosphere is centrally located near Aberdeen’s Fun Beach with plenty of free parking adjacent to the centre. Head towards the Esplanade and follow the brown and white tourism signs to Satrosphere. From the city centre, follow Union Street as it veers left into King Street. At the first traffic lights turn right (East North Street) and approach large roundabout where you turn first left into Park Street. Take first right into Constitution Street. Satrosphere is at the far end on the left hand side. . For those of you so inclined you can set your Sat Nav to AB24 5TU.

AGM Minutes

Date: 14-Jan-2014
The minutes from the 2013 AGM have now been published on the website in the 2013 Events section. Click on the results button!

How we work out our Enduro Champions

Date: 11-Jan-2014
Ok so you didn't win an Enduro or Hare and Hounds trophy last year but hey this is 2014 and now you have something to aim for.  This is how you score points for the club trophies. For both disciplines (Enduro and Hare & Hounds) we will work out the club standings based on points accrued in the national championships.
Any points gained in sportsman class will count directly. Any points gained in clubman B will be multiplied by 1.2 for your total. Any points gained in clubman and over 40s will be multiplied by 1.4 for your total, any points gained in expert and championship will be multiplied by 1.6 for your total. At the end of the season all your points are added up and we produce a first, second and third for both disciplines. We will endeavour to keep an up to date table of points scorers on the website this year. Any questions or problems send us an e-mail.

Enduro Winners 2013

Date: 11-Jan-2014
Congratulations to our Enduro & Hare and Hounds trophy winners for 2013. We look forward to seeing you all at the prize giving in early February.

Gordon McGregor 68.4 1st
Stewart Gilchrist 60.2 2nd
Neil McGregor 43 3rd

Hare and Hounds
Hamish Oag 27.6 1st
Jeff Mcleary 24 2nd
Duncan Wright 21 3rd

Club Trials Championship Round 1 2014

Date: 01-Jan-2014
The first round of the 2014 club trials championship will take place at Belwanders Wood near Stonehaven on Sunday 12th January starting at 11:00. Due to the new trials registration card which is now in force the entry fee for this (and future) trial has not been decided. The club committee will set  the entry fees on January 8th so keep your eyes peeled for further information!

Matters arising from the AGM

Date: 14-Dec-2013
The club's AGM was held on the 4th of December and the following people were duly elected, Bill McGregor: President, Brian Abel: Vice President, Di Stuart: Secretary and Treasurer, Dax Edgely: Enduro Convenor, Oli Stampfli: Trials Convenor. The committee for 2014 will be Jeppe Nygaard, Ken Whittaker,  Alastair Brown, Chris Douglas, Gordon McGregor, Derek Ramsay, Carloyn Young, Donald Young, Stuart Cooper, Chris Hamlet, Emily Hamlet 
If you want the club to discuss any issue approach any committee member and it will be discussed at the first available opportunity.

Following a request at the AGM the minutes from the committee meeting will be published on the club website. The minutes from December's meeting are now available on the Events page. At the moment they are marked as results but this will be changed to minutes in due course. The minutes from the AGM will be published in the same manner in due course.

2014 SACU Trials Licence changes

Date: 14-Dec-2013
We have been made aware of changes in the way SACU will issue licences for trials riders next year. From next 31st January trials riders will be issued with a Trials Registration Card rather than a licence. The good news is that this card will only cost £10 and lasts for a complete season. The bad news is that every time you enter a trial you will now have to pay a licence levy of £1.75 and a personal insurance levy of £1. By my simple calculations this means if you do 14 or less trials you will save money but when you enter your 15th trial of the year you will be worse off. We have the new licence forms and are looking at distibuting them early next week after we have cleared up a couple of issues with the SACU. At the moment this change is only for trials riders for all other disciplines the licence fee remains at £50.

Bon Accord AGM

Date: 23-Nov-2013
Wednesday 4th December 2013 is the date for the Annual General Meeting of the Bon Accord Motorcycle Club. Like last year we will be holding the AGM in the large meeting room of the Broadstraik Inn, Westhill to ensure that we have a sufficiently large venue to cope with the expected numbers. Starting time will be 7:30pm with free coffee, teas and biscuits provided.

The AGM is your once a year chance to come along and hear how the club has done this year and what plans and ideas we have for next year. More importantly it’s your  club and you are entitled  (and encouraged) to have your say on the way it’s being run and what you would like the club to do. Come along and get your voice heard, all ideas and suggestions are listened to. The club has a healthy bank balance so the funds are available for good ideas that will attract new members, get us bigger and better venues or make us some more profit.

On the committee front my own post as president will need to be voted on again, as I have served  for 2 years. I am quite happy to stay on for another term unless there is anyone out there who is sure they could do a better job. We will need a new Trials Convenor though as Chris Douglas has stepped down after two years. Before you all rush to let someone else volunteer to do it, don’t forget that without a convenor there will be no club trials championship! Doesn’t have to be just one person either, this job could easily be shared by a couple of people and training will be provided. We don’t press gang people into being committee members against their will but we do look for volunteers prepared to give up one evening a month to ensure that we can all do what we like doing best, riding bikes.

Myself and the rest of the committee look forward to seeing you there.
                                             Bill McGregor
                                             President BAMCC

2013 Club Trials Championship Table

Date: 22-Nov-2013
The results are all in and much midnight oil has been burned on the old abacus to sort out the final positions in the various Championship Classes. The full table is available on the Events page but let's congratulate the overall championship winner Duncan Mitchell with 188 points compared to runner up Murray Whittaker's 178 points. Intermediate Champion is Robert James, Over 40's goes to Jock Stuart, Gavin Lewis takes the title of best Novice, Gordon Morrison wins the Pre65/Twinshock battle by a slender 4 points while Mickey Freeman comes top in the beginner class. Our Schoolboy winners are Callum Morrison (he lasted half a season before he grew up to become a fully fledged adult!), Daniel Dunn, Harry Sherriffs, Mathew Forbes and Arron Stuart. See you all at the prize giving in January.

Craiglash Super Sunday

Date: 18-Nov-2013
Only one word fit for purpose here, WOW!!! What a way to end the 2013 season. For those who turned up at Craiglash yesterday you will know what I'm talking about and for the rest of you well let me enlighten you a bit. Sunday the 17th of November saw the running of the 11th and final round of the club trials championship running in the top half of the forest on the quarry side. Fifteen "entertaining" sections had been set by our outgoing trials convenor and perhaps he was just having a wee bit of revenge. There were some pretty big but grippy rocks to have a full throttle blast at and of course what goes up must come down. Despite being a wee bit harder than normal I saw nothing but happy smiling faces as everyone got to grips with the course.

At the same time on the west side of Craiglash forest Dax and his team of helpers had set out another Enduro practice loop. A basic track to follow with harder bits branching off the main loop, something to suit every ability of rider combined with the chance to try something a wee bit more difficult. Now we do ocasionally like to blow our own trumpet here at BAMCC but yesterday not one negative word and when guys are travelling from the borders to ride you know you've got it pretty well damn near perfect. For enduro riders finding somewhere to ride is even harder than for a trials bike so the opportunity just to come and ride, learn new skills and techniques, play with your suspension setings or a myriad of other things is completely invaluable.

I must mention my "Man of the Day". Step forward a relatively new member of the club Mr Andrew Dettl who turned up at 10am for his first club outing with an enduro bike and a trials bike and when asked whether he wanted to ride the enduro or the trial simply replied both! And full credit to you Andrew because that's exactly what you did and the last time I saw you on the enduro loop at about 2:30pm throwing the Husky at the scenery you still had a massive grin on your face. Welcome to the club Andrew.

To both Chris and Dax a big Thank You for your input over the last year, it has been vital to moving the club forward yet again this year. Not forgetting everyone else who has taken the time and trouble to layout, pick up and adminster  any kind of event this year for the club. Feel proud of yourselves and the club for together we have put together another outstanding year of off road riding.

Craiglash Super Sunday!!

Date: 14-Nov-2013
Forget all the politics and guff you've seen on the net this week and get your bum along to Craiglash forest this Sunday 17th November and do what you like doing best, ride your bike! The Bon Accord season comes to a close this weekend with a spectacular double bill.

The 11th and final round of the club trials championship kicks off at 10:30am (please note the early start time) with many class winners still to be decided. Parking for the trial can be found just by the main entrance to the quarry on the uphill road as usual. All 15 sections are in the top half of the forest  and everyone will complete three laps. Choice of four routes to suit all abilities.

In the bottom half of the forest towards Potarch the guys have laid out another Enduro practice loop with extra hard bits for those who fancy giving them a go. Turn up at 09:30 for sign on and we should get under way by 10:00. Ride as often or as little as you like throughout the day.  Remember that the Enduro parking is NOT at the quarry this time. Parking is just off the little unclassified road that rums between the A93 and the B993 and is signposted Tillydrine. With 43 entries so far it promises to be another cracking day out.