Club News

Forestry Commission: Bio Securtity Information

Date: 19-Jul-2019
To all Bon Accord Club Members,

It will soon be that time of year again when both the enduro riders and trials riders will be using Forestry Commission land for competitive events. With this in mind the FC have been in touch to ask if we can remind everyone about Bio Security. Tree diseases and pests are posing an increasing threat to our forests and can be spread very quickly from forest to forest on muddy tyres, boots or paws.   We believe everyone who loves spending time in the forest will want to help if they can to reduce the risk of spread of disease. For some simple ways everyone can help follow the link to find out more

I'm sure none of us want to see our forests being wiped out so give the link above a click to see some simple precautions you can take or have a look at this short video.

Summer weekend of trials 27th / 28th July

Date: 14-Jul-2019
A fabulous weekend of trials riding starts on Saturday 27th July at Mains of Glack near Rhynie with a day set aside for practice. Maybe learn how to adjust your suspension or learn new riding techniques or learn how to set out trials sections. Sunday 28th July sees Round 7 of the club trials championship where you can put all your new learning into practice. Practice day costs £10 and the Sunday trial costs £15 if you enter on-line. On the day costs are £15 and £20 respectively, junior riders are just £5 per day. Camping is available on Saturday night so that you can make a weekend of it. And......... we guarantee it will be warmer than camping in Shetland! Well maybe.......

Shetland 2 Day Trial Results

Date: 02-Jul-2019
The provisional results from S2DT 2019 are now available via our website at Any queries should be directed to I hope you will agree with us when we say it was a fantastic event in a fantastic place. A huge thank you to all our observers who did a magnificent job over the two days, your round of applause at the presentation was well earned. Thanks to all the riders who made the long trip to be with us and thanks for all your kind words. Thanks to my team behind the scenes you coped admirably and special mention to Jacqueline, your help was invaluable. To the folks at Skeld Hall, thanks for for feeding us with such great food and to the band you were great, but most of all to the folk of Shetland who made it all happen thank you. That was more than just a trial, it was an event that will last a long time in the memories of the people who were there. Thanks to Matt Betts for the use of his photos and all your feedback good or bad is welcome. Message us here or e-mail

Enduro Bike for sale

Date: 17-Jun-2019
For Sale: 2012 KTM XC150 enduro bike on a 62 plate
Full brembo brakes, Will come with front and rear lights. White Power suspension, wrap around hand guards. Selling due to lack of use. Bike is in Aberdeenshire, looking for £2,800 ono. To view phone Andy on 07731157452 or Michael on 07840105455.


Trial Sunday 16th June

Date: 08-Jun-2019
The venue for the trial on Sunday 16th June has been changed. This trial will now take place at Tillymorgan just off the A96 Aberdeen to Inverness road at Colpy. Start time remains the same at 11am. Online entry is now open at £15 while entry on the day of the trial will cost £20.

Enduro Entries are now OPEN!

Date: 04-May-2019
Entries are now being accepted for Round 4 of the SACU Scottish Enduro Championship which will be run on Sunday 26th May with a start time of 10:30am. The venue will once again we our popular Craiglash Quarry on Royal Deeside not far from the pretty town of Banchory. Please pay attention to the entry fee which is being done on a sliding scale this year to encourage riders to commit to the event early. From 4th May until 11th May £45; 12th May until 18th May £50; 19th May until the 23rd May £55. A one event licence if you need it will cost £15 regardless of when you enter. Your entry fee will get a free refreshment at the end of the event, this year we have our new friends at The Deesidedly Tasty Catering Company looking after us. The feedback we got after they catered our trial in April was absolutely spot on and hopefully I'll get back in time before all the good stuff run outs this time! Any questions please get in touch with our event secretary Di Stuart on 01569 763020 or e-mail We look forward to seeing you on the 26th.


Help Wanted

Date: 31-Mar-2019
I take no pleasure from writing these articles but I seem to have to do them every time we run a big trial. We need volunteers to come along and observe at next weekend's trial. Despite the fact that it has been in the calendar since January we have only three offers to observe and two of them aren't even club members! As a BAMCC member who has not entered why not bring along your bike and enjoy a wee ride out into the woods and enjoy watching the cream of Scotland's best trials riders compete on some mega sections. Or if you don't have a bike we can transport you to the sections. The club will supply everything you need including instruction, food and drink as well as a prize draw. The Craiglash trial has basically been organised by about eight people of a club with a membership of over 180. The same eight people put in this effort year after year to keep this club running by making money from events like this one so that you the riders can enjoy your sport. Is one day of your time really too much to ask for to keep your club going??

All offers of help gratefully received by dropping us a line via our Facebook page or drop us an e-mail or text Bill on 07887 667959.

Scottish Trials Championship 2019 Round 1

Date: 11-Mar-2019
You know the new season is truly close when we announce that entries for round 1 of the championship are now open hurrah! Hosted once again by the Bon Accord club at their popular Deeside venue of Craiglash on Sunday 7th April 2019. This trial is set among the big rocks on the hillside of a pine forest and with four routes can provide a test for all ages and abilities. Entries are £20 for adults and £10 for school peoples and include free refreshments at the end of the trial. Closing date is end of the day on Thursday 4th April. If you don't want to ride the trial but still fancy a wee ride out we are always on the look out for observers and helpers so give us a shout to


Enduro Seminar

Date: 20-Feb-2019
The club will be hosting an enduro seminar on Friday 8th March at 7:30pm in Stonehaven. We do this every three years to make sure we have enough certified officials to keep running our enduros of which we have two this year. If anyone wants to come along and help us out by getting qualified drop us an e-mail to Offer is also open to any club in Scotland who needs to get their officials re-certified.

Shetland Trial News Update

Date: 07-Feb-2019
Entries are now being accepted for the Shetland Two Day Trial. It works like this; You make one entry for the Saturday event and you are entered for the weekend. It is not possible to enter only Saturday or only Sunday. After the organisers get confirmation of a sucessful payment you will be e-mailed within 24 hours with a discount code and instructions on how to book your ferry crossing. Do not lose the code it is worth 30% off the return fare for vehicles and passengers. A succesful entry to the trial does not guarantee you a ferry booking and you are advised to book your ferry as soon as possible after entering the trial. We say it for every trial we run but please read the regs carefully this time as there is some extremely valuable and important information included in them with particular regards about how to minimise your financial outlay. we have limited the entries to 120 but this will depend on ferry capacity as much as anything. Keep checking our website and Facebook page for updates and while you are on Facebook have a look for the S2DT 2019 page which has information from the guys on the ground on Shetland. It's going to be a fantastic event and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Please Note: Our usual refund policy of 24 hours notice does not apply to this event. We will refund entry fees up to 14 days before the event but not after that. The club will not be held liable if you fail to, or cannot book a ferry crossing. We will however do everything possible to get you and your bike to the event and back again.

Important Changes for Club Trials

Date: 02-Jan-2019

Setting out Club Trials
Last year the club operated without a trials convenor and it was clear that this position was quickly becoming untenable. The failure of the club to recruit a new convenor at the recent AGM has forced us to come up with a Plan B and this is set out in detail below. Failure of this plan can really only lead to the number of trials we organise being severely reduced. Ultimately it will be a lack of volunteers that will kill off our sport quicker than any government or legislation.
As of 2019, a new structure as to who will ‘set out trials’ will be implemented. As discussed at a number of our committee meetings it has been agreed that from the beginning of the year each committee member will be allocated a trial in the year which they have to organise club members to set out alongside themselves.
The aim is to help introduce club members who are novices to ‘setting out a trial’ by grouping them with an experienced club member to set out an event.
For many year’s events organised by the club have been set out by the same small handful of members and a line must be drawn before these helpful individuals no longer want to offer their services thus causing trials and the club to suffer.
Once the dates of 2019 events are confirmed, expect to be contacted by a member of the committee regarding forth coming events asking for your assistance. If you wish to put yourself forward for events held in a certain location please do so as the club and committee will be very grateful. We will also be asking for names of people who are willing to help via all our channels of communication.
Any member who agrees to help at an event but then has to pull out must find a member to replace them. Continual refusal to help may lead to the member being suspended from the club after a discussion at committee level but we aim to use this very much as a last resort tactic.
Setting out of an event allows those who assisted to participate in the event free of charge, and at the yearly award their name will be entered into a prize draw.
Any club member (that is not part of the committee) who would like to come along to committee meeting is welcome to do so, to see and have an input on items that will be discussed.
Who knows? You may actually enjoy the experience of helping YOUR club.
Entry Procedure for Club Trials
It was agreed at the AGM that for this year the cost of entering a club trial on the day of the trial would rise from £15 to £20. However if a rider chooses to enter a club trial via on our online system the cost remains at £15. The online system will remain open until 23:59 of the Friday before the trial on a Sunday, I.E. The first trial of the year is on Sunday 13th January so the online system will close at 23:59 on Friday 11th January. This allows us a day to prepare the relevant paperwork required to run the trial.
One day licences will still be available but these will rise from £6 to £10. This has been done specifically to encourage people to purchase a trials registration card at just £12 which lasts for a whole year and is basically the same form which just has to be filled in once. Honestly folks it’s a complete no brainer, get yourself a licence!
 New club members who are riding their first trial will still have their one day licence fee paid for by the club.
With fewer bits of paperwork flying about at Sunday morning sign on it is to be hoped that the queues we saw last year will be considerably lessened this year although a bit of organisation on the part of the riders would also help to alleviate this problem. A couple of examples being, bring along a filled in entry form if you can’t enter online and bring the exact amount of money.
Also new for this year as a bit of an experiment is the availability of a club trials season ticket. Enter just once and ride the club trials all year long (You’ll still have to enter the Championship and National Trials though). The season tickets are on sale now at £150 for adults and £50 for juniors, in the case of the adult season ticket this represents a potential saving of £70.
Speaking of nationals and championships we will also be implementing a system of entry fees where committing early will save you money, similar to buying a flight on Easyjet or Ryanair. Last season, in common with every other club in the land, we had a real fight to get riders to commit to events and as an organiser it’s absolutely no fun going into the week of the event not knowing whether you have enough riders to break even financially let alone actually make a bit of a profit.

Shetland Trial
We’ve talked about if often enough but finally we are going to the Shetland Isles for a two day trial on the 29th and 30th of June. The logistics are somewhat complicated but bear with us and we’ll get there. Ferries and accommodation are being booked up and once we have all the relevant details we will let you know. Please don’t go booking anything up right now as we should have discount packages in place soon. There is a lot of interest in this weekend but Bon Accord members will get the first bite at the cherry. More details as soon as we get them.

The Bon Accord MCC committee would like to thank all club members for their continuous support over previous years and for years to come. Wishing  you all great sport in 2019.

Club Trials: Changes for 2019

Date: 22-Dec-2018
Following on from the club's AGM several changes have been made to the way Club Trials will be run in 2019. The first thing to notice is that from now until 12th January you can purchase a season ticket for all club trials (does not include championship or national trials), this means you only need to enter once every season as you are automatically entered into every club trial. The cost of the adult season ticket is £150, juniors are £50, which means you will get 11 trials for the price of ten. Depending on the popularity of this option we may keep it going on a sliding scale until mid season.

As no-one came forward to be Trials Convenor at the AGM, the committee members will now be in charge of organising the club trials, they in turn will be contacting club members for their help and as we always say if everyone does a little bit the load will be much lighter. If anyone wishes to volunteer to help out with a particular trial then please come forward as soon as possible by either speaking to a committee member or e-mail The way trials are now run will be e-mailed to you in more detail soon. It's fair to say that if this approach doesn't work then the number of club trials will have to be drastically reduced from 2020 onwards. This seems to be a national problem with many clubs having similar problems so we have to find a solution that will allow our sport to continue.

The entry process for club trials has changed slightly as we have no Trials Convenor. Club trials can now be enterd via our online system at a cost of £15 for adults and £5 for kids, however entries made via the paper entry form on the day of the trial will now cost £20 for Adults and £5 for kids. The one day licence fee has been increased to £10 to encourage members to purchase a trials registration card at £12 and also to make our change giving a bit easier.

Your club officials for 2019 are as follows: President Bill McGregor, Vice President John Hird, Secretary Di Stuart, Treasurer Di Stuart, Enduro Convenor Stuart Cooper,
Trials Co-ordinator Chris Douglas. The committee is made up of the following members, Steve Deans, Iain Robertson, Derek Ramsay, irene Cooper, Trevor Gibb, Jock Stuart, Murray Whittaker, David McPherson, Dave Donald, Graeme Hay, Robert James. I would like to put on record my thanks to all of them for their enthusiasm and I look forward to working with them and all club members during 2019.

Agenda for Club AGM 12/12/2018

Date: 09-Dec-2018
This is the agenda for the club's AGM on Wednesday evening. Please remember it's your club and you can have your say but you will need to be at the AGM. We say it every year but it would be nice to see new faces.

  1. Members present
  2. Members apologies
  3. Approval of last year’s minutes
  4. President’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report including the accounts for the year ended 30/10/18
  6. Election of Officials
                                             President: To be elected
                                             Vice President: John Hird (No action required)
                                             Secretary: To be elected
                                             Treasurer: To be elected
                                             Enduro Convenor: Stuart Cooper (No action required)
                                             Trials Convenor: To be elected Election of Committee Members
  1. Coffee Break
  2. Review of Club Membership Fees
  3. Organising club trials if no convenor can be elected
  4. Entry fees for club trial/ Free entry for junior riders on electric bikes
  5. Next year’s events
  6. The future of the Grampian Motorcycle Convention
  7. Any Other Business: Proposals, ideas and comments from the floor
    Closure of the 2018 Bon Accord MCC AGM

Licences for 2019

Date: 28-Nov-2018
OK people listen up! Our ever lovely club secretary stuffed some 160 envelopes today with your 2019 licence application forms and popped them in the post. Hopefully between now and the weekend these should start to fall through your letter boxes. If you don't get one you'll need to get onto the lovely Di Stuart, It's possible we have missed you although it's more likely that you haven't renewed your club membership. Also remember that your 2018 licence is valid until the end of January 2019 so no need to panic just yet. Licence fees are unchanged for 2019 at £50 for Enduro and just £12 for a Trials card. Honestly folks even if you're only thinking about riding trials next year buy a trials card, you'll save money and time by not having to fill out the day licence forms. Take the hint please ????

Notice of AGM 2018

Date: 13-Nov-2018
Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting of ‘The Bon Accord Motorcycle Club Ltd’ will be held for the purpose of the Election of Office Bearers and Members of the Committee and the transaction of any other competent business and will take place in the Upper Function Room of the Sportsmans Club, 11 Queens Road, Aberdeen  on Wednesday 12th of December 2018 commencing at 7:30pm, to which all Paid Up Members and Directors are invited to attend. Any Motions or proposals for discussion at the Annual General Meeting should be sent in writing to the address shown no later than the 10th of December 2018.  Apologies for non attendance should be forwarded the Secretary as soon as is possible prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting as shown above. Members holding current valid BAMCC memberships can attend and vote on motions. Non members are welcome to come along to observe and speak but are not permitted to vote.

With the formal stuff out of the way I would also like to remind you all that this is your chance to have your say on how your club is being run and what events you want us to run. We'll explain what we have done this year, what we would like to do next year and where we have spent your money. You are not going to be forced into any position that you don't want to do. You can throw any ideas you may have out to discussion and who knows what might become of them. If it helps we have free tea, coffee and biscuits. There is ample free parking to the rear of the building so there are no excuses. On behalf of the committee I look forward to seeing as many as possible of the membership on the evening and we will have the AGM agenda published before the end of the month.

                              Bill McGregor
                              Club President