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Enduro Coaches Wanted!!

Date: 31-Jul-2014
As some of you may know the SACU are rolling out a certified coaching programme to encourage newcomers into the sport and to improve riding standards. An earlier appeal for volunteers to go through the coaching course resulted in a full house of four from the trials riders but no interest at all from the enduro riders. Haven to spoken to the SACU at some length about this the club is now making a further appeal to BAMCC members who ride enduro’s to come forward and qualify as a certified SACU coach. It has been stressed to me on a number of occasions that you DO NOT need to be an ace rider to take on the coaching course. We are looking for riders competing at any level who with a wee bit of training can take a beginner or total newcomer and teach them the basics of off road riding and I know for a fact that this club is not short of riders capable of doing that!
If you want to volunteer you must be prepared to submit to a Disclosure Scotland application (I’m going through it myself at the moment for my own job in the hospital), attend a first aid course, before attending a morning’s training with an SACU assessor ( I think you may have heard of Mr Graham Barron) who will decide whether you get you certificate or not. The club will meet all of the costs involved in gaining your coaching certificate and will encourage you to push on for further training. It would be good (and cost effective) to get the trials guys and enduro guys done over the course of the same weekend, probably in late September / Early October. Please have a think about and get in touch if you want to go for it or if you have any questions. It can only be a good thing for any bike club to have certified SACU coaches so come on guys and gals don’t let this club be left behind.
               Bill McGregor

The Great Scottish Bike Show

Date: 23-Jul-2014
The Bon Accord club will be at the Great Scottish Bike Show at Ingliston near Edinburgh on Saturday & Sunday 9th/10th August where we will be running the ever popular Moped Mayhem. This will be organised like the moped racing at Alford with two twenty minute races on each day with aggregated scores deciding the winners. Usual rules apply; all bikes must be 50cc mopeds with riders sorted into teams of two, three or four, pit stops are compulsory (we check!) and safety gear must be worn and that’s about it. Free camping is available for teams who are riding both days.
Racing a moped flat out at 30mph is one of the easiest and least expensive ways of feeling that adrenaline rush that can only be found in motorcycle sport. With a mixed terrain course riding skills will be tested to the limit and beyond! If you’ve never seen moped racing before you are in for a treat, the action is non stop and frantic. In fact if you don’t laugh there is a good chance we’ll have to check your pulse.
 All the details you need to enter are in the Events section of our website while for further details of the Great Scottish Bike Show including special guests Giacomo Agostini, Alex George and The Purple Helmets visit the website at

Training Evening Cancelled!

Date: 16-Jul-2014
Please note that due to logistical difficulties the training evening scheduled for Saturday 19th July at Aquhorthies has been cancelled. However the club trial on Sunday 20th July at Craiglash near Banchory is very much on and we look forward to seeing you there. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Gary Mac Trials Training Days

Date: 11-Jul-2014
You can find a list of people entered for Saturday here and a list of people entered for Sunday here. Any queries

Pennan practise track closed 7-13th July

Date: 07-Jul-2014
The Pennan practise track is closed July 7th-13th as BOMC (host club) are doing track repairs in preperation for race.

The track is availible again Monday 14th July.

Enduro Entries so far.....

Date: 30-Jun-2014
This is the list of entered riders for Sunday's enduro that we have so far. 6th July Entry List at 30/06/2014  You have until the end of play on Wednesday to get your entry in.

Gary Mac Trials Training Days

Date: 16-Jun-2014
The Bon Accord club has teamed up with Scotland's no.1 trials rider Gary MacDonald for another two training days. Held at our popular championship venue of Craiglash near Banchory the training days are designed to improve the riding skills of any level of rider. Starting at 10am and running until 5pm with a lunch break somewhere about 1pm each rider will have plenty of time to work all aspects and techniques of their riding. At the end of each day Gary will provide his own unique masterclass. Cost is £30 per rider, per day with spaces limited to a maximum of 20 riders per day. You can register and pay online by going to the Events 2014 page on this website.

Tillymorgan Entry Form

Date: 08-Jun-2014
The entry form for the Tillymorgan trial on Sunday 15th June is available to download from the website now. Look in the Events section and click on Entry. Remember an entry form must be filled in by each rider so why not save yourself some time by printing it out and bringing it along already filled in.

Enduro Entries available now.

Date: 24-May-2014
Entries for our round of the 2014 Scottish enduro championship are now available. Look in the Events 2014 section of the website where you have the option to download and snail mail your entry with a cheque or do the smart thing and enter online securely via our Worldpay payment system. Entries will close on the 3rd of July. Our team have put in a shed load of hard work to make sure that this will be a cracking enduro so make sure you don't miss out.

New Venue for Next Committee Meeting

Date: 19-May-2014
As a result of many requests the venue for June's committee meeting has been changed. The next meeting will take place in Committee Room 2 of The Aberdeen Grammar School Former Pupils Club at 86 Queens Road, Aberdeen. Starting time remains at 7:30 pm. The club has a car park to the side and there is plenty of free parking on the side streets. More information and directions can be found at

Safety Evening at Alford

Date: 19-May-2014
A timely reminder to us all that the sport / hobby / lifestyle that we love has it's dangerous side too. I'll be there on my Triumph and It would be good to see other club members there as well.

Come out and play - Pennan Enduro Track

Date: 22-Apr-2014

The Pennan enduro track is rideable and people are starting to sign up! 


Saturday the April 13th a group of Buchan and Bon Accord nutters worked a full day to get the enduro track into revision #1. Thanks to the Buchan boys we had more (and bigger) logs than needed, crane tyres and all the machinery at hand. Ben Blades manage to source some tractor tyres which still needs to be put to good use...


A big “thank you” to Neil Alexander for excellent digger work and putting up with somewhat unclear instructions from an alien geologist running a bit too close to the digger in sheer excitement. 


We still could use a big pile of rocks to make a proper rock heaven, let us know if you have  a big pile.


Any questions, comments or sugguestion please get in touch:  


The route (approx. 2 km) is marked with orange day glo arrows on wooden posts (a more more windproof solution is underway). The flow of the course is roughly like this: 

- Start of on the motorcross track and do some berms, go through the whoops section, over the jump and then look for the entry to the rigth just after the next turn. 

- Either ride the grassy straight as one long chicken run or deal with as many of the obstacles as you dare before a sweeping left turn which will find some more obstacles before going down the hill (this last bit needs some improvements but it is OK for now).

- Attack the trail along the entire hillside before re-entering the mx track at the other end. Go up the hill and enter the 2nd bit of enduro track to the left, which will give you the chance of some big logs and a wee rock pile. Exit back on to the mx track.

- Repeat, hit the pits for a breather og give the MX track a go for some jump training.


Remember that the MX riders have the right of way so it is your responsibility to safely re-join the MX track.


Please don’t ride alone, obey the rules, take care of your self and be friendly to others.

Lumsden Wet Sunday 13th April

Date: 11-Apr-2014
4th round of BAMCC Club Trials Championship this Sunday. Start time 11am prompt. Signed from Lumsden Rhynie road.

Scottish Championship Enduro

Date: 08-Apr-2014
Well no sooner do we get the championship trial out of the way than we have to turn our attention the the Scottish Championship enduro! The date for our round this year is Sunday 6th July and will be held at Lumsden. Our guys have been out already this year working hard to cut out some new challenging routes. More information and online entry at the end of May.

Fantastic news for off road riders

Date: 25-Mar-2014
Fantastic news for off road riders in the North East.
Buchan Off-road Motorcycle Club (BOMC) and Bon Accord (BAMCC) have joined forces to build a short enduro training loop around BOMC's MX track at Pennan. Only an hour’s drive from the centre of Aberdeen, the track at Pennan has full planning permission to operate seven days a week (Monday – Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm), 365 days a year this will give Bon Accord members a place to train, practice, develop new skills and techniques or just ride anytime they like. There will be an additional membership fee of £45 to cover BAMCC's contribution to BOMC.
The layout was done this past weekend and there will be a trail building day in April to get all the obstacles (logs, tyres, rocks etc.) in place. Given the short loop of about 2 km we are trying to pack it full of features to keep you on your toes. Think endurocross, enduro and MX in just about equal measures. The track will be altered as we ride along and learn.

For more info, membership or to volunteer for the trail building day contact Jeppe Nygaard or Bill McGregor
This is what it’s going to cost for the first year of operation if you want ride as soon as possible.
Months left on old membership Renewal month To pay now Comment
0 April 45 Incl. next membership period
1 May 45 Incl. next membership period
2 June 8 To cover time to renewal
3 July 11 To cover time to renewal
4 August 15 To cover time to renewal
5 September 19 To cover time to renewal
6 October 22 To cover time to renewal
7 November 26 To cover time to renewal
8 December 30 To cover time to renewal
9 January 34 To cover time to renewal
10 February 38 To cover time to renewal
11 March 42 To cover time to renewal
For example if you renewed your membership in October 2013 and you want to ride at Pennan as soon as the track is built it’s going to cost you £22 and then in October 2014 your membership will be £60 and will run until October 2015 as normal.