Club News

Scottish Championship Enduro Round 3

Date: 09-Apr-2016
Entries are now being accepted for what will be Round 3 of the Scottish Enduro championship which is being held on Sunday 15th May at Craiglash Quarry near Banchory, Aberdeenshire. Visit our Events page for more details, regs and secure online entry system. For anyone who hasn't been before Craiglash is forest based event with a lap of around ten miles. Loads of good parking as we use the quarry floor. The going is a mixture of soft (not much bog though!), rocky, tight, twisty, with the odd fast bit and tree lined on the side of a hill. Usually a well organised event with decent lap times. This year we have catering so your entry fee includes a burger and drink when you finish. We have also decided as per the 2016 regs to put up a cup for the non championship ladies class, any lady entering the Sportsmans Class will be automatically entered into the Ladies Class as well to eligible for the cup. However we will need 3riders in the class to make this viable. Any questions just give us a shout

1st Round Scottish Trials Championship Riders List

Date: 31-Mar-2016
Entries have now closed for this coming Sunday's trial at Craiglash with the total number of riders standing at 108. A full list of riders can be found here. If you are not on the list but you think you should be then you had better get on the phone quick and give your best "The dog ate my homework" excuses to our trials secretary the lovely Carolyn on 01569 766819. Nice to see some lads from south of the border entered this year, good to have you on board gents and we sincerely hope you enjoy your day with us. Weather forecast looks favourable and we are all set for what should be a great start to the championship. Good luck and keep your feet on the pegs to all riders.

Unauthorised Riding

Date: 05-Mar-2016

Unauthorised Riding

It's not big and it's not clever!

To All Club Members,

The thorny subject of unauthorised riding reared it's ugly head again this morning only this time I got my ears bashed by not one but by two separate sources. Our landlords at Craiglash are not all happy with the level of unauthorised riders entering their land and have asked for our help to curb it and then stop it. As the president of the club I intend to throw my full weight behind their proposal and use any means at my disposal to put a stop to this. If I don't do this, not only do I jeopardise the future use of let's face it, one of the best pieces of ground that we have access to but the complete future of our sport which relies so heavily on the goodwill and co-operation of landowners.

In future any club member with a legitimate reason to be in the forest, maybe looking for new routes or helping to setting out an event will wear one of our yellow Hi-Viz vests with the club logo on the back to make yourself easily identifiable to estate staff. If you don't have one give me a shout and I'll make sure you get one. Please clear any access to the Craiglash forest with Di Stuart the club secretary and make sure you have her OK before you go in. I can't stress how important that this is to allow us to maintain our good relationship with the landowner. All members are strongly encouraged to report to the local police any bikes or riders seen in the forest that are being ridden without permission. Registration numbers and photos of cars with trailers or vans parked at the entrances together with date/time and the closest entry/exit point would be a good starting point. Please do not put yourself in direct danger by approaching anyone directly.

Any Bon Accord club member caught riding in the Craiglash forest without the club's permission will be banned for life, even for a first offence and repeat offenders may well find themselves having their SACU competition licence withdrawn.

The other complaint this morning came from the Forestry Commission who continue to be plagued with bikes in places where they just shouldn't be! We will be joining forces with the Forestry people and the police for a joint publicity campaign trying to point out the positives of actually belonging to a club that has permission to use land. More news to follow on this one.

In the meantime if you have any ideas on how to improve the situation or better still stop it please get in touch.

SACU Dates for 2016

Date: 05-Mar-2016
To everyone who has been asking for all of the SACU dates for 2016 I have good news! I have added two files to our server tonight which are the outer and inner halves of a leaflet that the SACU will be giving away at the Scottish Motorcycle Show next weekend. Each side contains dates for all disciplines and some information about the SACU. You can download the outside of the leaflet from here and of course the inside of the leaflet from here.

Scottish Trials Championship Round 1

Date: 27-Feb-2016
Entries are now open for Round of this years Highland Lesuire Sport SACU Scottish Trials Championship. If you can't use the online system we still have the good old paper entry forms available. If your having trouble with the online entry form, look in our FAQs page to find our handy "How to fill in the Online Entry Form" guide. It's a lot easier than you think.

Club Trials Championship Round 3

Date: 27-Feb-2016
The 3rd round of the BAMCC trials championship will take place on the 6th of March at Monymusk. 11am start. There will be a separate mini trial for D&E class riders plus our new social class for riders who just want to have a ride out on there bike. Hope to se you all there. The landowner has recently planted new Trees so there will be a Parc Ferme prior to the start of the event. Please respect this and take your bike to the Parc Ferme when signing on. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Hope the weather is kinder.

Club Trials Championship Round 2 : Charity Fundraiser

Date: 01-Feb-2016
The 2nd round of the club trials championship takes place at Home Farm, Findon, near Cove next Sunday the 7th of February. A nice short lap for what tends to be a cool winter’s day; the going is a mixture of mud, rocks and a spectacular burn which sits atop some stunning sea cliffs.
The committee has agreed to donate all the proceeds from the Trial to Aberdeenshire flood victims via the Foundation Scotland official appeal.  So please come along to support this worthy cause. There will be a donation bucket as well.
The trial will start at 11am prompt. Sign on from 10. Please print off an application form, fill in and bring along. There will also be a separate D&E mini trial for the juniors and please remember we now have a social class for riders who want a ride out but don't want to compete. Also please remember that is an “Open to Scotland” trial so anyone with an SACU trials registration card is eligible to ride. Non BAMCC members most welcome. Please pass the word round we would like to see a decent turnout for this event.

2016 Prize Giving

Date: 11-Jan-2016
The 2016 prize giving ceremony will take place on Sunday 24th January. The venue is once again Codona's Sunset Boulevard on Aberdeen's beachfront. The fun starts at 1pm with a game of 10 pin bowling, followed by the prize giving and then a bite to eat. If you came along last year you'll know what a hoot it was. All members plus wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, mistresses, families etc. are duly invited to come along and the best news of all is that is all free of charge! Obviously we need to give the venue some numbers for bowling lanes and catering so if you want to book your spot please get in touch with club secretary Di Stuart by e-mailing

Trial Sunday 10th January 2016

Date: 09-Jan-2016
At this time (15:00 on 09/01/2016) tomorrow's trial is on! The water levels are quite high but with no rain today we are anticiapting lower levels tomorrow, however the hills are pretty much un-useable and we will sticking to the sections in the burn. Due to the prevailing conditions we have had to cancel the D and E sections as the ground is too muddy and the water too high for the little bikes. If the situation changes overnight we will post here again and also on our Facebook page.

Trials Regulations for 2016

Date: 07-Jan-2016
Please find the 2016 edition of the trials rules at this link. Biggest change this year is the addition of a non competitive Social rider" class designed to get people with bikes along for a ride. Please also remember that although we have 12 round calendar published we are operating without a trials convenor at the moment which means these trials are only going ahead thanks to the willingness of one man who is prepared to do the paperwork. No trial will go ahead without someone to lay it out, so far we have had offers for the first three rounds and these should go ahead. However if an offer is not made to layout any trial it will be cancelled so please give a thought to either helping with the layout or better still volunteer to take on the Trials Convenor job.

Club News December 2015

Date: 21-Dec-2015
To All Club Members,
                        Just a wee roundup of some news from the AGM and also some dates for next year.

Despite what was a rather pathetic turnout for the AGM some lively debate was had and some good decisions made for next year. The club remains in a good financial position and has a strong set of events lined up for next year. The following people were duly elected or remain in post for the next year,

            President                    Bill McGregor             (
            Vice President            Chris Hamlet              (
            Treasurer                    Di Stuart                     (
            Secretary                     Di Stuart
            Enduro Convenor       Stuart Cooper             (
            Trials Convenor          Vacant                         (
The annual review of membership fees concluded that the current rates of £20 rider membership, £15 non rider and £10 youth will remain unchanged. It was agreed to look at the possibility of a family membership package and a proposal will be put before the committee in January for approval. Entry fees for trials and enduros also remain at their current rates.
The club has negotiated a new arrangement with Grampian Transport Museum which means we will be running the 2016 Convention. The date for this is Sunday 4th September and more details will follow in due course. We are on the lookout for another couple of members for our Convention subcommittee. This basically means a commitment to another meeting every month as well as getting more involved in the organisation of the Convention. You will have the chance to have a say in what acts we hire, the moped racing, classic bikes etc. If you think you fancy it, please get in touch.
Next year our new enduro convenor has decided to run two one day events at Craiglash in May and one at Lumsden in October. A lot of work was done on the Lumsden loop last year so hopefully the track should be an easier build this year. Craiglash as always will take a lot of marking out. Stuart is fortunate to have a good team of helpers with him and we look forward to two cracking events.
The future of club trials however is far from being cut and dried! With no-one willing to step up and take on the role of trials convenor this leaves the club in a rather tricky position. The good news is that Derek has agreed to do the paperwork for the trials as necessary but he will not be laying out or clearing up any trials. This position is fully supported by the club committee and quite frankly we are lucky to have Derek doing this much.
Where does this leave the club championship then? Well we have set out a provisional twelve round series for next year but none of them will go ahead unless we have someone willing to lay the trial out. We are good for round 1 on the 10th of January but everything else is very much open to question. What I can tell you with certainty is that if no-one is prepared to layout a trial then it will be cancelled! If you want to help out then please get in touch asap or better still if you fancy taking on the role of trials convenor then please get in touch.
 It was also decided that there will be a new category of trials rider starting immediately and this will be the social rider. A rider in the social class can decide to carry a set of score cards but does not need to mark them, he/she does not need to ride the marked sections and if they do, they do not have to stick to one route. However anyone riding in this class will have to stick to the marked route, this is not an excuse to go “off piste”! There are of course no points for the championship to be gained and no awards at the end of the year. What we are trying to do is to encourage people with bikes to get them out of their sheds and use them with hopefully a few stepping up to compete after gaining some confidence.
10th Jan                                Bellwanders (open national): Club Trial Rnd. 1
7th Feb                                  Findon (open national): Club Trial Rnd. 2
6th March                              Monymusk: Club Trial Rnd. 3
3rd April                                 SACU Championship Trial Rnd. 1 at Craiglash Forest
24th April                              Colpy: Club Trial Rnd. 4
15th May                               SACU Championship Enduro Rnd. 5 at Craiglash Forest
22nd May                               Aquhorthies: Club Trial Rnd. 5
19th June                              Craiglash (open national): Club Trial Rnd. 6
17th July                               Lumsden dry (open national): Club Trial Rnd. 7
28th August                           Lumsden wet: Club Trial Rnd. 8
4th September                       Grampian Motorcycle Convention, Transport Museum, Alford.
18th September                     Daviot: Club Trial Rnd. 9
2nd October                           Bridge of Graeme: Club Trial Rnd. 10
9th October                           SACU Championship Enduro Rnd. 6 at Lumsden
30th October                         orrennie: Club Trial Rnd. 11
20th November                     Craiglash (open national): Club Trial Rnd. 12
                      All dates remain provisional at this time.
                     May I just take this opportunity to wish all club members,
                                                their friends and families,
                                     A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
                                                             Bill McGregor

Club Trials Championship Round 11 Results

Date: 25-Nov-2015
The results from last Sunday's (22/11/2015) trial at Craiglash forest can now be found on the Events/2015 page or easier still just click here!

Change of Venue

Date: 22-Oct-2015
Due to circumstances beyond the club's control we have been forced to change the venue for this Sunday's (25th) trial. Good news is we are only shifting a mile down the road to Bellwanders. Usual car parking spot will be in use and the start time remains at 11am with signing on from 10am. Please try and bring along a completed entry form as this helps to speed to things along no end. Go to and click on the yellow writing "Bellwanders Wood" to get a google map for the parking location.

Enduro Seminar

Date: 28-Sep-2015

Enduro Seminar 16th October 2015

Maybe not the most exciting topic in the world but a necessity if the club wants to run events! Enduro seminar to be run in the evening of the above date starting at about 7pm in the Stonehaven area. Short course covering the basics of the rules and scrutineering which will give you a licence to officiate at enduro's. Without licensed officials we don't run enduros seemples. Need at least 6 names so e-mail if you can help.

Convention 2015

Date: 26-Jul-2015
It's that time of year again when we stop complaining about the "summer" weather and turn our attention towards the first Sunday in September when we run the Grampian Motorcycle Convention for what we hope will be the lucky seventh time. This year we welcome Carl Fogarty and On The Edge  stunt team as headliners. With an expected attendance of over 5000 people this event should be the single biggest paying event for the club and the importance of running this event well for the future of this club shouldn't be underestimated. The one thing we need above all else is help from our membership and below you'll find a number of ways that we need help this year. Don't forget that helpers on the day get free admission, some of the best seats in the house and we'll try to keep you fed and watered.
Convention Weekend: 4th/5th/6th September
The Convention doesn't just magically happen on a Sunday we need helpers on the Friday and Saturday to help layout the moped track, get bales into position, get the club stand setup and another hundred and one jobs. If you can help out we'll take a morning or an afternoon, a day or the whole weekend. It's really a case of many hands make light work. If you've never been before come along it's a great day out and even by paying your admission money you're still helping the club.
Original FM/Union Square Weekend: 15th / 16th August
As part of this year's Convention publicity drive we have taken radio advertising on Original 106 FM which will start being aired a couple of weeks before the Convention so keep your lugs peeled. The other big push this year is take the Convention to a more non biking audience so we have hired the main foyer of the Union square shopping centre for the weekend of the 15th/16th August. This is the main atrium part beside the railway station and we are expecting a fair amount of footfall over the weekend. To keep the masses entertained we will have five or six bikes on static display along with two very professional display stands promoting both the club and the Convention. We will be looking for volunteers to work in four - six hour shifts to explain to the public at large what is happening and why you can't just ride an enduro bike up the High St and such answer such similar queries such as "how fast does it go mister?" Setup is takes place very early on the morning of the 15th (about 4am!!) and you will be glad to know that we have enough people to cover that but the rest of the weekend has to be covered yet.
Try Trials
We have allocated an area at the Convention this year for anyone who can produce a valid bike licence to come and have a taster session of trials riding. This will be a fifteen minute lesson done on a first come, first served basis. We'll need three or four people to man this on the day but in addition we need you all to donate any old helmets, boots and gloves you have lying around. Just make sure they are in a reasonable state before you hand in them please, ask yourself the question would I stick my head/feet/hands in there? If the answer is no then maybe they are not for us.
Poster Distribution
As always we have had leaflets and posters printed up for the Convention but we need to get them to the far corners of our land. So particularly if you live north of Ellon or south of Stonehaven we need you to get a few posters put up in your local pub/garage/chipper or anywhere where folk can see them.
So there you go plenty for you to get your teeth stuck into and all offers of help gratefully received. You can contact the Convention subcommittee as follows,
                                             Bill McGregor or 07887 667959
                                             Brian Abel  
                                             Chris Hamlet
                                             Emily Hamlet
                                             Donald Young
Next committee meeting is at 19:30 on Wednesday 5th August in the Aberdeen Grammar FP Club at 86 Queens Road, Aberdeen it would be good to see a few new faces there and everyone is more than welcome to attend.