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Enduro racing is the sport of timed cross-country endurance and has been taking place in Scotland over the past thirty years. Derived originally from the ISDT - International Six Day Trial format - several riders in Scotland decided they would form a club and have this as regular competition.

The main difference between Enduro racing and Motocross is its timed nature. It is a race against the course. Having actually got round the course without losing any time penalties you are then faced with a timed “Special Test”. This is what separates the winners from the rest. This is a safe part of the course where you can go as fast as you can over a cross country or Motocross style test lasting up to 10 minutes. In some events the final places are often decided by only a few seconds after four hours of racing.

Scottish events are characterised by their fairly hard nature - no flat sandy forests up here. The scenery is also a great attraction for some riders - as you get to ride over ground not normally accessible to bikes. It is a sport that caters for all levels of riders. Expert, Clubman and Sportsman. 2000 also saw the formation of a Ladies award in events. All riders cover the same ground for the same time. The Expert riders doing more laps than the Clubman etc. It is also a sport for all ages with a separate class now for the over 40’s. There are many riders nearer 60 than 40 who still compete regularly. It seems to keep you healthy!

The Bon Accord club have a healthy number of members who choose to ride enduros. We run one Scottish Championship round every year.  This is mainly due to the five or six weekends it can take to set out the course. However our course setters have great fun and are able to ride their bikes legally. Helpers are always needed and made very welcome.