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What is Trials?

Trials can be defined as follows: “A trial is a test of riding skill and balance over a variety of observed natural obstacles with riders incurring penalties for footing or stopping”. This can be riding up a stream, grassy hill climbs, over rock slabs etc. Officials are on hand at observed sections to record the riders’ performance and the scores are aggregated by the Event Secretary to determine the winner.

This is recognised as the most affordable form of motor cycle sport, with the prices of bikes ranging from second hand at £500 to over £5000 for the latest models. The bikes used are specially manufactured for this branch of the sport and are road legal, although most events are completely off-road and therefore do not need to be licensed. You are advised, however, to get your bike insured against theft and keep it secured in a locked garage. Off-road bikes seem to attract some unwelcome visitors!

Engine sizes range from 125 cc to 320 cc, although the optimum is considered to be 250. They have low gearing, responsive two-stroke engines and special soft ‘grippy’ tyres and will "go up the side of a house!" The rider controls the bike whilst standing up, for which reason it has a very low small seat and specially positioned footrests. This of course does not make for comfort when any distance has to be covered on the road.

Rider's ages can vary from Schoolpersons aged just six right through to Senior Citzens. Each group ride in their own class with a route laid out to suit their skill level. There is always a route to suit all levels of ability.

The Bon Accord club run an annual Club Championship which usually consists of at least ten rounds and up to twelve rounds if we can squeeze them all in. In addition we always host a round of the SACU Scottish Championship. If you want to come along and see what Trials are all about then have a look on our Events Page to see where our next trial will be. You'll be made most welcome and the advice is always free.

Getting Started in Trials

Age limit is 4 years old, no upper age limit
You will need a club membership, competeition licence, crash helmet and a trials bike
We also recommend you get protective clothing, boots and gloves
Youths ride in age groups as follows,  Class E minimum age of 4 years, Class D - 6 to 9 years 50cc mono or 80cc twinshock, Class C - 10 to 12 years 80cc maximum engine capacity, Class B - 13 to 15 years 125cc maximum engine capacity, Class A - 16 to 17 years 125cc maximum engine capacity
Adults ride in groups according to experience, recording a win in your class moves you up a level. Beginners start in Novice and then Non Expert and Expert in addition there is an Over 40's class.
These classes apply regardless of which bike you ride be it a modern liquid cooled monoshock, an older twinshock bike or even a classic Pre 65 bike.
Your first event might be a bit daunting but hey we've all done it and survived, you'll soon be a part of the club!

Know the rules of the club trials, Bon Accord Club Trials Regs for 2020

If you are a newcomer to trials have a look at our Getting Started Guide

Everyone would do well to have a look at our list of Do's and Don'ts