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Hare and Hounds

A Hare and Hounds event is basically a modified Enduro. The course is shorter and usually easier, still marked out like an enduro but without the timed special test. The object of the Hare and Hounds is simply to complete as many laps of the course as you can in the given time. Most Hare and Hounds are run over three hours but there are endurance events which can be held over 6, 8 or  even 12 hours. These events can usually be entered solo or as part of a team. The Bon Accord club currently run Scotland's only endurance off-road event a multi hour Hare and Hounds which is held at Tinto Park in Lanarkshire. Watch our events page for the exact details. Orginally conceived for the short winter days when there wasn't enough daylight for a full enduro, hare and hounds are now run year round and are a great way to get started in the sport requiring a bit less thought than an enduro.