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Covid 19 Update

Date: 30-May-2020
To All Members; below is the latest update from the SACU with regards to Covid 19 and restarting motorcycle events. Your patience at this time is greatly appreciated, however we must respect the advice we are given and wait until the time and conditions are right before we get going again. It would be wise to prepare yourself for that the fact that events will look a bit different going forward with the dreaded phrase Social Distancing playing a big part.

Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU)

29th May 2020


The Directors of the SACU hope that you and your families are well.

The First Minister issued direction to Scotland on the 28th May announcing Scotland should still “Stay at Home” and continue to socially distance until the R rate drops to a safe level.

The First Minister also advised that we are now in a position where phase 1 of the recovery plan can begin.
This means a relaxation of the rules around outdoor exercise in that we may exercise outside as much as we want, but we must stay within our local area (5 mile radius is recommended). It also means a return to some outdoor non-contact sports as part of that phased return. Full details of what that means is available on the Scottish Government website:…/coronavirus-covid-1…/pages/exercise/…

We understand that SACU members are also keen to return to participation and we are currently working with sportscotland and Scottish Government in this difficult time to develop the pathway to us re-starting our sports disciplines in a safe manner to not burden the NHS and other emergency services. We fully understand the frustrations of our members and we will do everything we can to ensure a quick but safe return to motorcycling.

We have been made aware of proposed events this weekend. A return to motorcycle sport is not yet permitted under the Scottish Government guidelines and SACU has not issued any event permits. We would like to remind members that SACU is the sole permit issuing authority for Scotland so events currently being promoted are unlawful and we would strongly advise our members not to participate.

The situation is very fluid, and we continue to monitor the daily changes with our partners. Event permits will be issued at the earliest opportunity, when it is safe to do so.

The SACU Board of Directors will hold virtual meetings post Scottish Government announcements when we will review the situation and deliver clear direction to our clubs and members on how we will move forward.

Our Principles
These are the principles by which we will make our decisions:

Safe: We will ensure that transmission of the virus remains suppressed and that our NHS and care services are not overwhelmed.

Lawful: We will respect the rule of law which will include ensuring that any restrictions are justified, necessary and proportionate.

Evidence-based: We will use the best available evidence and analysis.

Fair & Ethical: We will uphold the principles of human dignity, autonomy, respect and equality.

Clear: We will provide clarity to the public to enable compliance, engagement and accountability.

Realistic: We will consider the viability and effectiveness of options.

Collective: We will work with our partners and stakeholders, including the UK Government and other Devolved Nations, ensuring that we meet the specific needs of Scotland.

From the Board of Directors please stay safe and stay at home.

Yours in Sport



Major Sandy Mack MBE
SACU Chairman

Practice Areas are no go!

Date: 02-Apr-2020
Can all members please note that the practice areas at Colpy and Bellwanders are out of use until further notice. We would ask that all club members think twice before using your bike for any practice. #StayHomeSaveLives

Coronavirus Threat Update

Date: 16-Mar-2020
It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you all that SACU controlled motorcycle sport has been suspended until the 31st May due to the threat of Coronavirus infection. THE SACU statement is shown below for clarification. This will impact us for our four events scheduled in April and May. These are the championship trial on the 5th of April, the club trial on the 19th of April and the championship enduro / club trial which were both due to run on the 17th of May. At this time we can't say if these events can be run later in the year although it would be our intention. My next job is start arranging refunds for the people who had already entered the Craiglash trial. All entry monies will be refunded in full. In the meantime please follow advice, keep up the hand washing routine, look after those less able than yourselves and stop panic buying bog rolls (panic buying an extra a motorbike is recommended however). We look forward to the warmer days when we can go back to riding our bikes in groups.

Bill McGregor
Club President

SACU Statement to Members - Coronavirus-19
The Board of Directors have made the very hard decision to cancel all SACU permitted events till 31 May 2020. We will assess the situation after this date.
This has not been an easy decision for the board, but considering the situation with the spread of the virus we believe this is the best way to proceed in the interest of our members and their families to ensure their wellbeing.
We will make every effort to ensure scope for any Scottish Championship events to find other dates in the calendar.
I hope you all can understand this decision, and that it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all involved in Motorcycle Sport.
Yours in sport.
Sandy Mack MBE

Coronavirus Threat

Date: 11-Mar-2020
Some information below from the SACU regarding the current coronavirus outbreak. As a club we follow the advice we are given by our governing body and at this time we have no plans to cancel any of our upcoming events, however we will keep abreast of the rapidly changing situation and will take all necessary steps.
The SACU is closely monitoring the spread of this virus at the moment. We are acutely aware that our two largest events in the calendar are nearly upon us, The Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT) and the Pre 65 Trial.
Although the Government has applied some measures at the moment, they will not affect any of our events until the virus escalates.
The government’s position is that there is no reason to close or cancel sporting events as things stand, but contingency plans have been put in place.
If developments mirror those in other parts of Europe, sports events that attract large crowds are likely to be either postponed or played behind closed doors.
If the situation changes and the virus escalates, we will take direction from government and implement the necessary actions required.
As the Governing Body for Motorcycle Sport in Scotland we have taken the tough decision that competitors from Category 1 countries such as Italy will not be allowed to compete in this year’s SSDT and Pre 65.
Please follow the link below for advice and guidance.


Craibstone Trial Sunday 8th March Results available

Date: 09-Mar-2020
The results from the Craibstone Wood trial are now available on the Events Page. Hope you all enjoyed your day in the woods, it was a good old fashioned trial with lots of glorious mud in a couple of places. A crackin wee venue I'm sure you will all agree, big thanks to Hamish for letting us be there. Next stop Craiglash!

Craibstone Trial Sunday 8th March

Date: 06-Mar-2020
Craibstone Woods is the venue for our March trial and despite the small size of the ground it can provide a fair test for riders of all abilities. Three laps of 15 sections have been laid out already with four routes to keep everyone happy. Parking is a bit tight so keep this in mind please. Craibstone is probably the easiest of all our venues to find as it is litterally one minute from the Aberdeen bypass at the airport junction, just follow the signs for Craibstone / craibstone golf course and you won't miss us. See you all Sunday.

Grand Prize Winners

Date: 23-Feb-2020

Well we hope you enjoyed yourselves at our prize giving evening last night and a big thanks to all our volunteers who helped set up the trophies and the room and to our junior members who were having great fun with the dice and horses. Of course what you all want to know is who the Grand Prize Draw so without further ado here we go...

3rd Place and winner of £50 Janet Whittaker
2nd Place and winner of £150 Alison Shaw
1st Place and winner of £400 or a £500 HLS voucher is Mark Urquhart.

Congratulations to you all. Janet and Alison will receive their prizes tomorrow while Mark will get a call asking him to choose his prize and delivery will follow shortly after.

Huge thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and supported the club, it's much appreciated.

Prize Giving / Race Night

Date: 15-Feb-2020
Last and final call for anyone who wants to come along to our annual prize giving evening on Saturday 22nd February. All club members, families and friends are welcome. The venue this year is Newmachar Golf Club and the evening gets underway at 7:30pm. Entertainment comes in the form of a race night with a free buffet meal all for the incredibly low price of nothing! Get your name and number of people in your party to Di Stuart before Monday as we need to get the numbers to the caterer. E-mail

Findon Trial Sunday 9th

Date: 08-Feb-2020
UPDATE:  The trial planned for tomorrow at Findon will go ahead. The forecast has moderated a bit with early morning rain giving way to showers and the wind speed is now 30mph instead of 60 mph. See you all tomorrow for a 10:30 start. Wrap up warm and bring some waterproofs

If you have seen a weather forecast at any point this week you will know that storm Ciara is due to hit us on Sunday with 70 - 80mph winds and driving rain. With this in mind we will keep an eye on the situation and make a final decision on whether the trial will be run or cancelled at 5pm on Saturday evening. That decision will be available here, on our Facebook page and via e-mail to all of our members. As always the riders safety is our number priority.

Di's Kiltwalk Challenge : Dig Deep People

Date: 02-Feb-2020

We all know that this club wouldn't exist without our brilliant secretary Di Stuart. Well now she's taking on the Kiltwalk 15 mile Big Stroll with her two daughters for a very poignant reason to riase funds for research into Motor Neurone Disease. I would urge every member of this club to dig deep for this worthwhile cause and get donating. This lady and her family have done so much for this club over so many years (I won't embarrass her by telling you exactly how many) it's only fair that we help her now. Get your hands in your pockets people and donate at the link below

Youth Classes for 2020

Date: 20-Jan-2020
If you get confused about the age limits for youth classes then don't panic you are not alone!  Here is what the 2020 rule book says about it. If you still have any queries about it then send us an e-mail

A Class born between 01.01.2003 and 31.12.2004
B Class born between 01.01.2005 and 31.12.2008
C Class born between 01.01.2008 and 31.12.2010
D Class born between 01.01.2011 and 31.12.2014

Note: To ride a Combustion engine machine the rider must have attained 6 years. E Class Minimum age – 4 years and born after 01.01.2015. Note: The rider must have attained 4 years at the date of the competition.

NB IMPORTANT INFO FOR B/C CLASS RIDERS IN 2020 Riders who reach the age of 12 in 2020 (ie born after 31.12 2007) will have the option of either:

• Moving to the B class in the year in which they reach 12 yrs on a machine up to 125cc (and being eligible for B Class points)

NB : The rider must be 12 years of age at the date of competition to ride a machine of 125cc Mono OR • Remaining in the C Class for another year on a machine of up to 80cc and retaining eligibility for C Class points.

Bon Accord Grand Prize Draw

Date: 10-Jan-2020
Start your 2020 with a bang and enter our Grand Prize Draw to help raise funds for the club. Our ultimate aim is to raise enough money to allow us to have our own piece of land where we can all ride at anytime we like. Our fund raising efforts start with a Grand Prize Draw where tickets cost £10. First Prize is a £500 voucher to spend at Highland Lesuire Sport OR £400 cash, 2nd prize is £150 cash and 3rd prize is £50 cash.

Tickets will be on sale at the Bellwanders Trial, the Findon Trial, from committee members or online from our website The purchase of tickets is not limited to club members and anyone is welcome to purchase them

The draw will take place during the evening of prize giving at Newmachar Gof Club during the evening of Saturday 22nd February and the prize winners will be notified the following day if they are not present. All winners names will be published on our website after the draw.

Please buy a ticket or two to help the club and good luck in the draw.

Prize Giving / Race Night

Date: 10-Jan-2020
Our annual Prize Giving evening will take place on the evening of Saturday 22nd February starting at 7pm. The venue once again is the superb facilities of Newmachar Golf Club. In addition to handing out hard won prizes we will be kept entertained by a Race Night (horses not bike). We will also be drawing the winners of our Grand Prize Draw so who knows you may go home a bit richer than you started the evening. A fantastic buffet meal will also be served at the halfway point of the evening. Newmachar golf Club does of course have a licensed bar so refreshments are available too!

The evening is free of charge and all of our members, families and friends are cordially invited. All we ask is that you tell us how many people are coming all by e-mailing so that we can get the numbers right for the catering. Would hate to send folks home hungry, look forward to seeing you all there.

Bellwanders Parking

Date: 10-Jan-2020
As we are anticipating areasonable size of entry for the Bellwanders trial we would like to mention parking which can get a bit tight. There must be no parking on the Auchenblae road or the smaller road that leads to Banchory, there will be signs saying no trials parking in the passing places. Use the field to the left just before the bridge to park and if everyone can park straight in at ninety degrees to the road (rather than parallel to the road) we can fit in a lot more vehicles.
There are 2 locations at the woods where 4 wheel drive cars or vans with good ground clearance can park.
There must be no trials bike riding on the road at any time, use the tunnel under the road at all times please.


Trials info for 2020

Date: 06-Jan-2020
Have a look in the Sports section and find the Trials page where you will find the updated for 2020 regs for the club championship anlong with a new revised Getting Started in Trials guide and everyone would do well to re-aquaint themselves with the etiquette of motorcycle trials by reading our list of do's and don'ts. Spolier Alert: There are more do's than don'ts and now you have no excuse for behaving like a moron smiley.